A new way to discover movies and tv-series.

Including advanced recommendation system, personal collections, review system, notifications of releases with calendar and a lot more.

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Create Collections

Collections of movies and tv-series allows to create watchlist or share what you've watched.

Write reviews

To show your impression about particular movie or tv-serie, write a review for it, which will be shown to your friends.

Discover via trending lists

On discovery page, you can find most trending movies which are now in cinemas or available to watch online.

Discover via recommendation system

Our nearal network based recommendation system analyses your cine-activity and suggests most appropriate recommendations.

Follow friends

Following your friends will help you to discover new movies and tv-series and disuss that with them.

Organise movie events

Movies are perfect for socialising. Select a movie, a cinema and invite your friends or anyone else to watch your favourite movie together!

Subscription on releases

Subscriptions on movies and tv-shows will allow you to be notified when new movie or episode releases.

Find cinemas for a particular movie

Are you looking for a cinema nearby to watch a movie? Or you are a private cinema who needs more customers? Join Dipolium!

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