This web-site is still under development. This is beta-version.

Why our service is unique?
Rather than focusing on information about movies, we focus on user experience. The main aim of this service - is to help users keeping movies (or tv-series) in their own lists, that will work like a reminder for future premiers or as a history of already watched movies.
In addition we combined this process with sharing options, so it can be used as a social network, where you can follow your friends, check their collections of movies and their activity (adding movies to the lists with appropriate reviews for sharing own impressions).

Coming Soon Features:
- Integration with popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter);
- Applications for iOS and Android;
- Private lists;
- Notifications;

Our future plans:
- Tiered commenting;
- Multilanguage support;
- Shared lists;
- Support for episodes in tv-series and tv-shows;
- Neural network for better experience of discovering new movies (tv-series, tv-shows);
- Advanced search results;
- Sorting items in lists according to different criteria;
- Advanced "movie page";
- Calendar;
- Advanced notifications;
- Integration with iCal, Google Calendar;
- Application for Apple TV;
- Importing features for existing services;
and more...

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